Time for a city trip to Düsseldorf

Granted: most people think jet set, Kö shopping boulevard and sports cars when they think of Düsseldorf. We will show you that the city has so much more to offer.

Where things are happening

Off to the capital

The capital of North Rhine-Westphalia can also be multi-faceted, diverse and colorful. You don’t believe us? Our Düsseldorf guide takes a look at a somewhat different side of the city. Spoiler alert: the focus will be on architecture, fashion, trade fairs, nature and top-fermented dark beer.


Green instead of grey. You’re not interested in the asphalt jungle? Düsseldorf has miles of park area. A simple and uncomplicated place to relax after strolling through the city or partying the night away. Stretch out on the banks of the Rhine river or picnic with friends at Unterbacher See (Lake Unterbach). Go to the Japanese Garden or Rheinpark – there are so many places to choose from. There is also a wild game park and the Düsseldorf zoo for animal lovers. Few other places make it so easy to escape the noise of the big city.


Enjoy diverse and colorful cuisine at extraordinary locations. Sounds expensive, but isn’t. Düsseldorf’s restaurant scene aspires to innovation. Hip locations with comfortable furnishings and high-quality fast food reflect the tastes of their clientele. Salad bowls and smoothies are just as easy to find as traditional Japanese sushi. American diner-style burger restaurants have sprung up next to genuine family-run Italian restaurants. And if those aren’t to your liking, there are even places where you can order custom wok dishes. Or try some kebab to go.


A new program week after week. At Düsseldorf Trade Fair Center, exhibitors are constantly coming and going. Architecture, medicine, wine or beauty? The inquisitive get their money’s worth here. Take a look at the diverse program of events. But Düsseldorf has even more to offer: year after year, the Rheinkirmes (Rhine fun fair) attracts visitors with its burnt almonds, rollercoaster and huge fireworks display. And those who are looking for another season to celebrate should come to Düsseldorf’s world-famous carnival. Parties, parades and all types of comical speeches are held during carnival, which is known here as the fifth season of the year. Helau!

600,000 visitors, calligraphy, cosplay, music and fireworks – add all this together and you get Düsseldorf’s Japan Day. Held in May, this event gets bigger every year and draws ever more interested visitors to the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia. And that is not all: there are all sorts of open air concerts, festivals and Christmas markets waiting for you…

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By bus from Munich to Düsseldorf

Kick back and relax as you travel from Munich to Düsseldorf, always direct, always affordable, always easy. With Pinkbus.


Pack up the girls, round up the boys. It’s party time. In Düsseldorf, the dark Altbier is flowing at the “world’s longest bar”, which is what Rhinelanders affectionately call their city center and with good reason. Here you can find hundreds of bars, pubs, breweries and restaurants, one next to the other. The focus is of course on the locally brewed beers. Sample your way through the extensive range of Altbier brews and experience a bit of Düsseldorf tradition. After a bit of bar hopping, you can dive into the city’s vibrant nightlife. From pop to techno to hip hop – there is something here for everyone. But be careful: watch out for the many bachelor and bachelorette parties!


Kö and caviar not your thing? Unbelievable but true: there are some things in Düsseldorf that you can enjoy for free. Stroll through its parks and nature areas, admire sights such as the Rheinbrücke, the Medienhafen, the Rheinturm, the K20 & K21 museums of modern art or the Königsallee shopping boulevard. This is where architectural fans will find what they are looking for. And for those who like to stroll and shop, the city also has lots of flea and antiques markets. Our insider tip: you can sometimes get free or reduced admission to the Stadtmuseum (city museum), Filmmuseum (film museum), Schifffahrtsmuseum (shipping museum) and Heinrich Heine Institute. Check it out in advance and save some cash.


You feel like you need to take a break from all the dark beer and are dying for a pick me up? Lovers of the black gold will find what they are looking for at the many cafés in Düsseldorf’s historic city and city center. What would you like today? Scandinavian coffee, Indian Chai Latte, American Cold Brew or would you prefer it straight and uncompromising? The cafés are as diverse as the city itself. Our recommendation: find a spot in the sun, order some coffee and cake and just relax and do some people watching.