Let’s get going! Your city trip to Munich

Our Munich guide gives you tips on local cocktails, the hottest places to enjoy the nightlife and a slightly different way to prepare the traditional Weißwurst sausage.

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It doesn’t matter whether you are at a brewery, in the student district Maxvorstadt or it is October and you are visiting the Oktoberfest. The traditional greeting reflects the easygoing attitude of young and old in Bavaria and has been a fixture in the language of the people of the Free State of Bavaria for decades.


It doesn’t matter whether you are ending a long day or starting off the day at breakfast. You can enjoy a fresh, cold beer at any time of day. Your city break in Munich gives you the very special opportunity to enjoy the amber brew the traditional way: at the Augustiner Keller located at the Hackerbrücke. The brewery is easily accessible and offers a rustic ambience, delicious food and a large beer garden. The Löwenbräukeller on the Nymphenburger Straße is always worth taking a detour as well.


The hotel rates are astronomical, the beer tents are filled to overflowing and the lines in front of Munich’s tourist sites reach all the way to Timbuktu. It is Oktoberfest. If you want to avoid the overwhelming crowds, but still experience a Bavarian folk festival during your stay in Munich, you should check to see if the Auer Dult festival is taking place on Mariahilfplatz. The festival is held three times a year in the “Au” city district. With around 100,000 visitors, things at the Auer Dult are much more relaxed – and very few tourists find their way there. However, similar to Oktoberfest, there is lots of delicious beer, Bavarian specialties and also a beautiful market to enjoy!

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To see and be seen – Munich’s jet set is probably one of the biggest preconceptions that people have of the residents of Bavaria’s capital city. If you prefer more room for individuality and would like to party far away from minidresses, glittery jackets, Hermès belts and sports coats, then you should pay attention now. There are a lot of cool clubs in Munich that let you just be yourself and have a good time. For example, for your night on the town we would recommend checking out the Harry Klein on Sonnenstraße. The electro nightclub may be on the small side – but its music is all the more spectacular. The club serves a mixed clientele, the drinks are cheaper than at comparable locations and the bouncers are friendly and nice. By the way, if you want to do something that is typically Munich, just order the local cocktail “Munich Mule”.


Where better to spend a relaxing evening than at the water? For many residents of Munich, the park area along the Isar river known as the “Flaucher” is the place to enjoy a relaxing day at the city’s river. The Flaucher, which is also known by the romantic name “Isar Riviera”, extends from the Brüdermühl bridge and the zoo to the Braunau railway bridge. As soon as the temperatures hit 20 degrees Celcius (68 degrees Fahrenheit), the city transforms into an oasis for avid barbecuers. The hardiest of them can already be seen out on the Flaucher with their outdoor grills in March. From grilled traditional Weißwürst sausages to vegan halloumi with cocktail sauce – Munich’s barbecue season is open to connoisseurs of all types of foods.

#ExerciseKills (doesn’t it?)

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer to jog by yourself or take part in group sports activities – spring is the time when it all finally moves outside again. And Munich has several outdoor sports activities on offer: for example, you can participate in the Lederhosen workout in the English Garden on Mondays, you can go to the Open Air Fitness classes that are held twice a week in front of the Pinakothek museums or take advantage of any of the many exercise classes offered by the “Fit in the Park” program. Which puts paid to all the lame excuses why you can’t exercise while on city break.


The Pinakothek museums are Munich’s top address for lovers of art and culture. From the medieval collections of the Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen (Bavarian State Painting Collections) to artworks of the modern era – you can gaze in wonder at many exciting artworks from famous artists.

If classic artworks are not your thing, then we still have a few good alternatives. One such example is the Rock Museum in the Olympic Tower. Autographed guitars, rare recordings, clothing from famous musicians, photographs, letters and a lot more can be found high above the rooftops of Munich. Or, if a “different” kind of museum is more to your liking, you may also be interested in checking out the costumes at the museum of the Deutsches Theater or the Museum der Fünf Kontinente (Museum Five Continents) on Maximilianstraße.


The wave on the Eisbach river located close by the contemporary art museum Haus der Kunst is world famous and has already attracted many stars from the international surf scene to Munich. You can kick back and relax in the English Garden while watching surfers ride the wave. Surfing the wave is even officially permitted today. But be aware that it is only for professional surfers because there is a relatively high risk of injury.

However, there is something that many visitors do not know: the wave on the Eisbach may be the best known, but it is not the only standing wave in Munich. The Floßlände (landing stage for rafts) can be found a little beyond the city center. Things are a little more relaxed and beginning surfers can even try their hand at river surfing here.


Stroll along Munich’s streets and discover a bargain or two along the way. You may be lucky and find a few affordable antiques while visiting the courtyard flea markets that are held in different districts of Munich each weekend. The atmosphere is relaxed and you may even discover a treasure or two as you take advantage of the opportunity to explore the city’s beautiful courtyards.