Traveling by intercity bus through Germany

Cheap, eco-friendly and comfortable: find out the advantages of traveling by intercity bus through Germany.

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Would you like to travel by intercity bus through Germany on the spur of the moment, but are not sure which bus service to choose and whether the bus is really the right means of transportation for you? Don’t worry, we are here to help.

What is Pinkbus?

Pinkbus is an intercity bus service that sets great store by sustainability, customer satisfaction and the human touch. We are still in the middle of developing our fleet of intercity buses, but have already started serving the most popular routes in Germany. You can take our intercity buses from or to Munich, Düsseldorf and Berlin and that every day. We offer non-stop services, so there are no irritating hold-ups through additional stops. We guarantee that you will reach your destination without detours along the way.

Moreover, our fares are always the same. Even if you book at the very last minute – our affordable fares are something you can rely on. Have you suddenly decided to go to your best friend’s party after all and would like to take the intercity bus across Germany? No problem! And the best thing is: you can reserve a seat for free when you book. Which means that you will always get the seat you want.

More about seat reservations.

Overview of the intercity bus routes

Our buses are fresh off the production line. True to the motto “less, but more quality”, our first fleet of buses currently serves only Munich, Berlin and Düsseldorf. We want to make our range of services so attractive that more people will leave their own vehicles at home and take an intercity bus on these especially congested routes.

By intercity bus to Berlin

An affordable way to explore Germany’s capital city – we make it possible with Pinkbus. Find out the advantages of taking the intercity bus to Berlin.

By intercity bus to Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf is both elegant and alternative. Save money and discover the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia by non-stop intercity bus service.

By intercity bus to Munich

The intercity bus is a real alternative to flying or taking the train. Enjoy the amenities and eco-friendly travel to Munich!

Pinkbus intercity buses: comfortable and eco-friendly

More and more people are taking intercity buses to travel through Germany and the world. No wonder: it is (usually) an affordable and eco-friendly alternative to traveling by train or by car. To ensure that Pinkbus is a truly satisfying and convenient solution, we offer our customers the same reliable high standard on every bus. Our vehicles are brand new and outfitted with today’s eco-friendliest engines. All buses offer reliable Wi-Fi, a movie entertainment system and lots of legroom.

We are not just saying that traveling by intercity bus is environmentally friendly. A study carried out by the German Environment Agency showed that not only do buses use the least energy per passenger and kilometer, but in comparison with trains, cars and planes, they have the lowest carbon emissions per passenger kilometer. This makes the intercity bus the eco-friendliest means of transportation – eclipsing even the train.

Is travel by intercity bus the right choice for me?

In addition to the affordable price and many amenities, another good reason to take an intercity bus is flexibility. You can conveniently book a Pinkbus ticket online in just a few minutes and always pay the same fare on all routes. In contrast to train and plane travel and even some of the other intercity bus services where the prices soar the closer to departure you get, our last minute travelers don’t have to suffer any regrets. If you suddenly decide to take a rain check on visiting your prospective in-laws, you can also exchange your ticket free of charge.

Standard amenities on our buses include air conditioning, an on-board restroom, power outlets and reading lights, which allow you to make optimal use of the travel time for work, reading or working on a term paper. A trip by bus does take longer than traveling by train or plane. However, sometimes that can be a good thing and you can finally do some of the things that you normally don’t have time for. Answer the following questions to find out whether travelling by intercity bus and specifically with Pinkbus is the right choice for you:

  • Are you looking for an affordable way to travel?
  • Do you prefer non-stop travel?
  • Do you think it would be great to reserve a seat at no additional charge?
  • Would you prefer to avoid paying extra for your bags?
  • Would you like to book on the spur of the moment without having to pay more?
  • Are quality of outfitting and amenities you can rely on important to you?

If you answered all or most of these questions with “yes”, then you should hop on a Pinkbus sometime. It looks like we are a good fit. You will see just how easy travel can be. Find out more about us here.