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We love to keep things comfortable, fair and affordable – Pinkbus will take you straight to Munich for 25 euros.

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Eisbach surfing, posh, Oktoberfest, multi-cultural and open air festivals: Munich has many faces. The feeling in the city is hard to beat, especially in the summer: the beer gardens are full, the Isar river is perfect for swimming and the smell of barbeque wafts over the Flaucher, the park area that extends along the river from the Flaucher pedestrian bridge to the south to the Braunau railway bridge to the north. But the city has a lot more to offer – it doesn’t matter at what time of the year you decide to head to the capital of Bavaria. We’ll take you there!

Why you should take the Pinkbus to Munich

A weekend is not nearly enough time to get a feel for Munich, but it is the perfect start. So dive into Munich’s subculture with us (and yes – there is one!) and let the city sweep you away. Rent a bike and explore the city on two wheels. And when you have had enough of biking, head for a beer garden with your friends and enjoy the sunshine for a while. It doesn’t matter what you are looking for, you can find it here: culinary orgies with friends or escalating nights. We will show you restaurants with charm and relaxed bars and pubs where the prices are fair and the people easygoing.

Would you like to immerse yourself in the city, get to know the young and hip Munich and, most importantly, experience something new? We know where the city pulsates with life and which festivals you should definitely not miss. We will keep you up to date with our travel tips for the perfect city trip to Munich.

Your Pinkbus stop in Munich

This is where we will drop you off when you take the Pinkbus to Munich and where we will pick you up again when you leave the capital of Bavaria by intercity bus:

Munich ZOB
Arnulfstraße 21
80335 München

By bus from Berlin to Munich

Kick back and relax as you travel from Berlin to Munich, always direct, always affordable, always easy. With Pinkbus.

By bus from Düsseldorf to Munich

Kick back and relax as you travel from Düsseldorf to Munich, always direct, always affordable, always easy. With Pinkbus.

Info about Munich

The Bavarian capital is one of Germany’s transport hubs. You can get there by plane, train or bus – all depending upon what is most convenient for you and how much cash you have. Munich is not just about posh and rich people: if you do it right, your city trip to Munich doesn’t have to be expensive. You already will have saved a few euros right from the start by taking the intercity bus, something you will definitely appreciate later on when you go shopping or visit a bar. The Pinkbus is not only an affordable means of getting to Munich, but is also super comfortable. And there are no additional stops. You get what you pay for and you don’t have to worry about hidden costs.

Bus, train & bike – the best ways of getting around Munich

If you love riding a bicycle, then Munich is your city. Most corners of the city can be reached easily and pretty much unchecked. The whole city is crisscrossed by bike paths that will take you to where the city pulsates with life or let you bike for miles along the Isar river. There are bike rental stores on almost every corner. And if you grow tired of biking, you can just switch to bus or rail. Munich’s public transportation network is extensive and the MVG (Munich’s public transportation service) is ready to take you from A to B whenever you feel like it. The center of Munich is divided into four fare zones and you only need one ticket to use all buses, trams, regional trains, subways and commuter trains inside of these zones. There are also a lot of rickshaws – the perfect alternative when you want to avoid the evening rush hour, but don’t feel like working up a sweat yourself.

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