Travelling in times of Corona – the Pinkbus hygiene concept

To minimize risk and for the safety of our passengers, we implement the following protective measures.

Empty Side Seat

Those who book early will be rewarded with a free side seat. This promises not only additional safety, but also additional comfort.

Contactless Travel

Please purchase your ticket online. The bus driver will validate your ticket using your name. After verifying your name/ticket, please leave your luggage with the driver who will store it in the luggage compartment. The bus driver will wear a face mask and protective gloves when loading and unloading.


Our drivers will install a guideline with warning labels and distance control in front of the bus for safe entrance.

Fever Measurement

During check-in, drivers will use infrared fever measurements to determine if a passenger has high body temperature. Customers with a fever are not allowed to board the vehicle. The ticket will be refunded, in addition the customer receives a voucher to travel at a later point in time for free. Measuring fever serves to provide additional protection for our passengers.

Hygiene on Board

Passengers are required to wear a face mask during check-in and check-out as well as during the journey. Hand sanitizers must be used after check-in.

High-tech Air Conditioning

Our air conditioning systems are state of the art to minimize the risk of infection. Fresh air is constantly supplied throughout the journey. At the same time, the existing air is discharged to the outside by means of negative pressure.

Ozone Generator Cleaning

The entire bus including all seats, tables and other touchpoints will be cleaned and disinfected after each ride. Additionally, the bus will be cleaned by an ozone generator once a week.

Install Corona-Warn-App

We recommend to install the Corona-Warn-App on your smartphone and to leave the mobile phone incl. Bluetooth function switched on while driving. Charging facilities and free WLAN are available in the bus or at every seat.