Pinkbus lost and found office

Can’t find something after taking a trip on a Pinkbus? Contact our lost and found office and we will try to locate your lost item.

Did you forget something?

We’ll take care of it

It’s aggravating, but happens to the best of us: if you left something on a Pinkbus or picked up the wrong piece of luggage, first take a deep breath. Then fill out the form below to register your lost item. We will contact you as soon as we have found the item. But of course we will also let you know if we can’t find it. Just give us about 3 days.


As soon as you have registered your lost item with us and we know which bus you took, we will inform the bus driver. As soon as your lost item is found, it will immediately be locked away in a secure place on the bus. You can then choose where you would like to pick it up. We will arrange for a pick up time with you by phone.


Registering an item

Please fill out the form to register your lost item with us. We will contact you as soon as possible.