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Your bags travel for free on Pinkbus. Find out how many pieces of luggage you can take with you and the size restrictions.


This is what you can take with you

You are going to take a trip – great! Your bags want to come along of course and we believe that you shouldn’t have to pay extra to take them. Here is all you need to know about carry-on bags, luggage, special luggage, strollers and wheelchairs.

Free luggage on Pinkbus

In general, you can take 1 carry-on bag (backpack or handbag, not a suitcase) and 2 pieces of luggage with you for free. Awesome!

Dimensions and maximum weight

Carry-on bags: Your carry-on item can have a maximum weight of 7 kg. Please be aware that the overhead bin on the bus cannot hold more than a small backpack or purse. Suitcases will not fit. Large carry-on items such as trekking backpacks have to be stowed in the luggage compartment.

Luggage: The total dimensions of each piece of luggage may not exceed 160 cm (width + height + depth) and it may weigh no more than 20 kg. If you have larger/heavier luggage or are unsure, please contact us. We will then let you know if you can still take your luggage with you.

Special luggage

Sports equipment, instruments, etc., are considered standard pieces of luggage as long as they remain within the above-mentioned dimensions.


Unfortunately, we are not able to transport bicycles at this time.


You have two options for traveling with your wheelchair: either we stow it in the luggage compartment or you reserve one of the designated wheelchair seats on the bus when booking. We will confirm the wheelchair seat by e-mail to ensure compliance with all legal transport requirements. You can also find these on our page Traveling with a disability.


We love animals, but unfortunately, we are not able to take your pet along on the Pinkbus. Guide and service dogs are of course exceptions. They travel for free.

If you are going to be accompanied by a guide dog, please notify us in advance via our contact form. We will then reserve a seat for your dog right next to you.

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