Traveling with a disability

Whether you’re traveling with a wheelchair or guide dog – traveling on the Pinkbus is easy and relaxed even with reduced mobility.

Traveling safely

Accessible travel with Pinkbus

Pinkbus would like to make traveling from A to B easy and relaxed for those with reduced mobility. Of course you can travel with your wheelchair and other mobility aids and, if required, with your guide or service dog.

Transporting your wheelchair or walker

All of our buses are outfitted for passengers with reduced mobility and include two designated wheelchair seats. Simply choose one of the seats designated for wheelchair users when booking your ticket. We will confirm the wheelchair seat by e-mail to ensure compliance with all legal transport requirements. Of course you may also stow your wheelchair or walker in the luggage compartment.

Standards for wheelchairs

In order to be able to transport the wheelchair in the passenger area (i.e. not in the luggage compartment), the wheelchair must meet the German EN 12183 or EN 12184 standards. The wheelchair may not exceed 70 cm in width and 120 cm in length. The total maximum weight is 300 kg.

Accompanying person or guide dog

If you are traveling with an accompanying person or guide dog, please give us advance notice via our contact form. We will reserve a seat next to you. Of course the accompanying person or dog travel free of charge.