About Pinkbus

We believe that every minute is precious. That is why we bring people who would like to travel affordably and sustainably directly to their destinations.

We have a lot planned

Our mission

Extraordinary experiences happen when you are able to travel. We want to make sure that this is an option for everyone. We bring people together by making intercity bus travel fun through reliable fares and amenities.

Mobility for the future

Pinkbus was founded with a clear objective in mind: mobility should be sustainable and available to everyone. In other words: eco-friendly, affordable and easy.

We would like to reduce traffic on the most heavily congested routes by offering direct connections served by modern intercity buses. We are proud to be able to say that we have the eco-friendliest bus fleet in the intercity travel sector. Even in comparison to trains, our buses emit less carbon dioxide when operating at average capacity: https://www.bdo.org/zahlen-fakten-positionen/umwelt/vergleich

We know that the most important criteria for our customers is reaching their destinations quickly, affordably and safe – to visit family, a best friend or partner far away. We make this happen. DIRECT is our motto, we guarantee that there will be no hidden stops.


Our bus fleet may still be small, but we can offer our customers consistent quality in matters of comfort and amenities because we use the same model of bus on all routes. What we definitely do not believe in are fluctuations in price. We want people to be able to rely on our fares, all the time. That is why our ticket fares are always the same affordable price. Which means that even the spontaneous among us can travel without feeling any disadvantages.

We promote the values that we also adhere to personally. Therefore, we not only offer transparency to our customers, but also to our employees. We are a young start-up with an honest and fair company culture.

Why we are different

Our team is ready for action. We want to offer our customers the best possible intercity bus experience and achieve something big together with our community. Because mobility has to change. So that future generations can also enjoy life and go explore. This is what we are working to achieve.