Climate protection – we compensate all of our CO2-emissions for every trip
with our partner, the non-profit organization myclimate

Our concern

Protecting our environment and climate

The long-distance bus is the most environmentally friendly method of transportation between cities. In comparison, our busses emit less COat average occupancy than trains.

But we even go a step further, compensating all of our emissions with the non-profit organization myclimate. In contrast to other providers, our customers do not have to pay the voluntary compensation, because we bear the COcosts for every trip we offer.

This way, trips with Pinkbus are always climate-neutral, at no additional cost for our customers.

Promotion of projects for climate protection

The compensation proceeds flow directly into projects for climate protection. All myclimate projects meet the strictest certification standards (Gold Standard / CDM / Plan Vivo). These are confirmed by external auditors every year. Apart from Pinkbus, the following companies compensate their emissions with myclimate: Vaude, WWF, Naturata, Lufthansa, the German government…

myclimate offers the ability to choose specific projects in different countries from an extensive portfolio. For our first project, we have chosen to support efficient cookstoves in Kenia. With this project, 375.846 tons of CO2 are saved each year. Periodically we will promote various projects financially, as selected by our customers.

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